"Word samurai"

A brilliant former editor of mine called this title the pinnacle of the writing profession--a distinction earned by only the most enchanting wordsmiths. I also fancy it as a tombstone inscription: "Ben DeJarnette, word samurai."

Okay, now I'm dreaming. For the time being, my sights are fixed on achieving "word ninja" status. Since completing my master's degree (MA Media Studies) at the University of Oregon in 2015, I've written in print and online for High Country News, YES! MagazineMen's Journal, Pacific Standard, InvestigateWest, Oregon Quarterly, Runner's World, and others. I have also done part-time work for MediaShift, where I reported on community engagement, media entrepreneurship, and journalism innovation as associate editor, and for the Agora Journalism Center, where I am currently the project and product manager for Gather, a digital platform for engaged journalism's "community of practice."

Away from my writing desk, I am a recovering distance runner who is slowly learning to embrace 40-mile weeks (down from 100). As a collegiate athlete for the Ducks, I ran in circles all across the United States, including at the NCAA Cross Country Championships in Terre Haute, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky. After a long hiatus from competition, I caught the bug again in 2015 and am now racing again under the banner of VAMIPACT, a ragtag crew of Portlanders who, incidentally, all grew up in either Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut (random, right?). 

For more information about my professional background and experience, check out my full resume. And for the scoop on my latest happenings -- or to ask about my availability for freelance work -- please send me an email or say 'hi' on Twitter @BenDJduck